23 Random Things About Me

I used to just love reading those 25 Random Things About Me notes on Facebook a few years back, even if I didn't really know the person that well. A few days ago, I was inspired by Jenna's list, and after I read it I wished I could learn these unexpected facts from all of my new friends. So, tonight, while my baking tools were being held hostage in my running dishwasher, I decided to give it a whirl: 1. 23 is my birthday (July 23, 1974), and it's also my favourite number. 2. My passion, aside from baking & photography, is singing and has been since I can remember. I sing constantly (when at home or in the car), but I still can't figure out if I'm any good at it. 3. In my young twenties, I had a brief job reading tarot cards for a psychic phone network. 4. I actually loved reading tarot cards and never told a single lie to any caller during that job. 5. I created and concocted a quirky bath & body product collection called Cake Beauty with a friend in my tiny apartment kitchen in 2000, but I left the company in 2003. 6. My least favourite sweet is ice cream. I can take it or leave it, but it belongs in its own bowl and has no business touching my piece of cake. 7. I have 3 tattoos. 8. I wish I had zero tattoos. 9. For some inexplicable reason, I can barely reach or touch my hands flat onto my shoulders. This made the "head and shoulders, knees and toes" song very stressful for me as a child. 10. My husband and his family taught me to waterski when I was 29. It took me almost 100 tries (which they pointed out was almost scientifically impossible) to get up on the traditional 2 skis. I somehow finally did it, and then went on to conquer slalom waterskiing (skiing on one fancy and potentially very speedy ski) and still love it. Dare I say I'm not half bad. 11. Other than #10, I've never been an athlete. 12. I am an avid genealogist and spent a total of almost 1200 (yes, that's twelve-hundred) hours in 2006 working on my (and my husband's) family tree, and many more hours since that year. I could have baked about 2000 cakes in that amount of time (not that I would do it differently). 13. I cherish my Shel Silverstein book collection, and I've now passed it along to my daughters. The very first Shel Silverstein poem I heard was read by my fourth-grade teacher and was called "Sick." 14. In my life I have been able to recite a total of 2 movies from start to finish: Weird Science and About Last Night. 15. If I had to choose one last meal, the dessert would likely be warm cinnamon buns with whipped frosting. Yes that's "buns." Or a chocolate caramel tart. Or bread pudding. Or chocolate cake with malted chocolate frosting. 16. I love to write, but I only enjoy reading non-fiction books. 17. I eat dessert almost every day, and sometimes twice a day, but I strategically eliminate many things I love from my diet (most days) to balance it out, such as mayonnaise, cheese, sugary sodas, and fried or processed food. 18. I can often be found wandering junk shops near and far, searching for vintage baking items or the like. 19. I have a strange connection to French cafe music. 20. I love words, and think more about proper spelling & grammar than one girl should. 21. I've been told for most of my life that I'm too sensitive. I am sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way (thanks, Jewel!). 22. I'm a natural-born detective and love solving mysteries. This may explain the strange events of #12. 23. I love fashion & nightlife, but I'm most comfortable at home in my frilly apron. xo

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