A Love for Retro Skirts!

Hello, my sweet and styley friends! So this is my first "STYLE" post, and while I'm not what you would call a fashionista, I do have my own style (as one should) that seems to encapsulate my love for the world of girly, happy and somewhat confection-inspired things, haha. I suppose I am very fortunate to have a "reason" to wear such things, but really--is there more of a reason than simply feeling good in them? I think what makes it, hmm...interesting, is that according to my birth certificate, I'm 21.5 years old x 2. And they do say that you are as a old as you feel, and as cliché as that sounds, I have to agree. When people ask me how old I am (not that they do that often), or if I offer it up, I honestly can't even believe it when I say it. Unreal. Anyway, that's a whole other post! So really, I suppose the moral of that story is that I dress how I want and overall my style is pretty simple, and I don't think it's changed much since I can remember: a love for feminine, simple things with frosting-tones and a touch of the trends. I'm never the first to run out and jump on major trends, but as they linger, I end up adopting a few of them. One thing that doesn't change is my love for vintage styles. Overall I am drawn to vintage anything--rather obsessed with vintage treasures of all kinds (more on that in the upcoming "Vintage Treasures" category of this blog), and so I have become a regular customer at Unique Vintage, which brings me to the topic of this post: retro skirts! While I'm not a UV spokeswoman (yet, hehe), I have been, well, collecting many of their adorable 1950's style skirts--the way they have managed to combine a confection-inspired aesthetic and the cuts of the 50's seems to have captured my heart. Let's take a look at a few:  This was my first ever purchase of what turned into a vintage-skirt fixation. When I did this fun photo shoot for Studio DIY's What's In My Clutch, Sweetapolita edition, I knew I needed something seriously cute to pair with the sprinkly toaster-treat clutch we featured. That's when I stumbled upon Unique Vintage, and it was like stepping back in time (back to the best times, of course)! I found this Red Velvet 1950's-style skirt, and fell in love, (Sadly they don't carry this one anymore, but what they take away they seem to always replace with even more adorable options!) The tee/bodysuit I found from Forever 21, said "Sweet Disaster," which I thought was hilarious. That's me! 100% sweet disaster in many ways. I thought it would be fun to pull the blue from the tee and from the sprinkles on the clutch, and put that on my nails, because I do actually believe you can have too much pink. I think contrast and complimentary colours are everything! Like any cute outfit, I think a tailored denim jacket is a great way to add a bit of an edge to these super-girly skirts. I added the little cherry patch from Meri Meri, and went with "simple" pink yarny ball (technical term????????) earrings. I love the combination of reds, pinks and whites--so appealing to me! Just like a gorgeous red velvet cake with some pink accents...perfection. We did this playful shoot at an ice cream shop in Cobourg, Ontario called Dairy Dream, and with their pink-as-pink, retro setting it all came together the way I hoped! Okay, that brings us to the next vintage-style skirt in my collection, and this one has seem some adventures! Last year, fellow sprinkle squad gals, Gracie and Jen, and I exhibited at Canada's Baking and Sweets Show, and I wanted to find us something playful and on brand but, well, unique--paired with simple white tees it became a uniform of sorts. This was perfect! I think almost all of our booth visitors commented on these beauties, and were even taking photos of us in our skirts, because of the skirts haha. Amazing. So when we recently exhibited down in Miami at the SoFlo Cake & Candy Expo, we thought about switching it up, but again they were our squad uniform and I thought we'd stick with what we loved. Here are a few tiny clips of the skirts in action: [playlist type="video" ids="13774,13775"] So alas, yet another one! This one may be my favourite, just because it was a tad longer and fuller. It's the Micheline Pitt for Unique Vintage "Ballerina Skirt," and it's a gem (and I just noticed while I was linking this, that it is now almost 50% off!). You can even add a crinoline under these for serious volume, but I just went for the skirt this time, but I did order a crinoline with this order, as any self-respecting vintage-skirt-addict should do. I trust there will be a need to debut this soon! This seemed to be the right colour scheme for the events of the day (our trip to Museum of Ice Cream in Miami), which you can ready about here! You can also click here to see this skirt's twirlability (because these things matter). Here are a few more I happen to own and love. I have yet to wear these, but I know the opportunity will cometh soon. If it doesn't, I will make it happen: Red & Multi Gumball Skirt  And this Ice Cream Dress? I'm so excited to wear this! And I love the white belt. I actually ordered it to wear to the Museum of Ice Cream (see more about our experience here), but sadly it didn't arrive in time. But the good news is my life seems to present frequent opportunities to flaunt an ice cream and sprinkles dress, haha. One of the best parts of being in this industry we love so much. Colour makes me happy, happy! See you soon with more ????.

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