Glitter Cakes for Wedding Bells Magazine

For my American friends and family, Happy Fourth of July! With all of the buzz surrounding today's American holiday, and a weekend of celebrating Canada Day in cottage country, I am definitely in celebration mode. What better way to keep the celebration going, than by sharing a preview of my first wedding magazine feature with you -- Wedding Bells Fall/Winter 2011 (the issue is not on stands quite yet, but will be on July 11th!). And nothing says wintery celebration better than an abundance of glitter and confetti. When Rosie (yep, that's her name!) from Wedding Bells asked me to create two jewel-toned, confetti-inspired, glitter-themed cakes, I was so excited (needless to say). I really connected with the theme, and I knew, as I'm sure you would imagine, it would be a truly fun and festive project to be part of.  The key with the cake design was keeping them clean and classic enough to ensure that the glitter was the star of the show, but, of course, super luxe and flirty.

Fun! I kept the large cake pure white with a mosaic of paper-thin sugar discs coated in 6 different jewel-toned shades of glitter (including my beloved 24 karat gold!) on the bottom tier, some simple swags on the middle tier, and a super-glittery sugar ribbon and bow in a custom red-raspberry glitter to finish the top tier. I coated the smaller cake completely using a custom-colour glitter that I created using 8 shades in total to compliment the larger cake, and topped it with 3 sugar cherries coated in the red-raspberry glitter and emerald glitter stems. Simple, but super sparkly!

My cakes were just one part of an entire glitterati story, and I love how it all came together: glittery stationery, centrepieces, favours, and, of course, absolutely stunning and vibrant glitter cupcakes and cookies by the talented Cat from Sugar Baking. Love it all!

Thanks for letting  me share my exciting news with you! I hope you're having a great week so far, and I'll be back in just a few days with another recipe to share!

Love, Rosie xo

*glitterati photos by Jim Norton Photography

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