Spring Picks: Cake Stands!

Well, it's no secret that I have a thing for cake stands (or when we're feeling fancy, cake "pedestals"), and when I first got into cakery, I would pick up any that caught my eye, and loved to keep them on display in our kitchen for all to see. Of course, where there is a cake, there should be a cake stand. At that time I had about 8 sweet and special stands in an array of colours and styles. And then every time I did a cake for the blog, I would wish I had yet another, so the collection kept on growing . . . Aaaand then I wrote a book. Oh my! Just the idea of photographing an entire book of desserts put my cake-stand-collecting into high gear, and I may have gone into a bit of a buying frenzy. I bought up every single one I fell in love with, and now I have nowhere to keep them all, but love them just the same. So it seems I've become somewhat of a cake stand junkie, and shop for them anywhere and everywhere. After much online browsing, here are some of the charming finds I've got my eye on (and a few I currently own and love): Sweetapolita Spring Picks Cake Plates   1: Loire Glass Blue Square | 2: Petal Pink Scallop | 3: Green Bird & Dome | 4: Mosser Glass White | 5: Rachel Cake Plate with Bow | 6: Whiteware Scalloped | 7: Custom Scalloped Cake Stand | 8: Something Blue | 9: Mosser Glass Buttercream | 10: Hot Pink Melamine | 11: Godinger Amethyst | 12: Teal Soft Rimmed | 13: Blushing Bride Candy-coloured cake stands for all of us, I say! Some are a splurge (#6, 8, 13), some are a total steal (#1, 5, 11), and the rest fall in between, but I'm yet to regret a cake stand purchase. I even use them around the house for display and nifty storage--in the bathrooms and bedroom to hold nail polish and pretty toiletries, in the living room as a candle holder, and more. I find a lot of mine at places like Winner's (Canada's version of Marshall's), which are usually very affordable, since they are often from collections that are discontinued, etc. as well as antique stores (or plain old junk shops), but I also have a lot of luck online. Sites like Amazon, Wayfair, Etsy, and Shop BHG are great shopping resources and shipping is usually very reasonable (and often free on Amazon), and the selections are seemingly endless. In my experience, it's best to nab the ones you love when you see them because, aside from the classics (like Mosser Glass), the styles come and go so quickly as they're constantly being replaced with new ones--much like fashion. And while this is exciting in itself, it can mean a lot of "I wish I would have bought that one when I saw it" moments. So for the love of cake stands, let us shop! Be back soon with more cake!   

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