Sunday Scoop

Happy Sunday friends, and welcome to my first Sunday Scoop! If you only knew how many random bits and bobs dance around my brain on a weekly basis, haha. Here are some of the highlights from this week in sprinkleland and beyond: MONDAY: After a scorching-hot and productive weekend of organizing my garage and kitchen, I celebrated Canada's 151st Birthday the good old fashioned way: I painted my front door with my new favourite frosting-toned paint (also used on our new Sweetapolita HQ office walls). I opted to have our local paint shop blend equal parts this + this, despite the saleswoman's fear--she mentioned that in 20 years she has never blended two shades, and I had to wonder how no one has ever requested this? Perhaps it's the frosting-tinter in me that assumed this was a thing. Anyway, we LOVE the colour, and now I want to paint all things in my path. I'm not what one would call a DIY'er so painting my front door was a new experience for me. Likely not the best paint job in the world, but I indulged in a few moments of girl-power-fueled pride. If I could have hung my work on the fridge with 80's plastic rainbow alphabet magnets for my mom to see, I would have. TUESDAY: I ordered yet another one of these affordable retro microwaves, but this time for our new office space. While it's not the most powerful appliance I've ever owned with its modest 700 watts (perfect for warming up coffee and lunch), what it lacks in power in makes up for in freakin-adorableness and counter appeal. WEDNESDAY: The Sprinkle Squad and I relished in putting together the first round of our new and mysterious "Surprise Party" bags for the shop. It's like building the ultimate loot bag but for grown ups (with awesome taste, clearly). But really, I think that is the secret to happiness: simply never grow up. Sounds cliché but, honestly, this carefree land of childhood is where creativity breeds, and it's what's taken me this far. THURSDAY: Eerily magical, but definitely effective, is this app I just got for editing photos on my phone. In addition to this one, which I use religiously, I'd say I'm set: I can now appear eternally youthful ????. Which, if any, apps do you use to do your photo editing? Oh, I also received a shipping notification for this contraption I ordered--I got sucked into their Insta ad, but the good news is that I think it's really going to kick up our video clip game! FRIDAY: It's Friday, I'm in love...with this nail colour. #pink #frosting #itswhoiam SATURDAY: Did the math that I'm a few short weeks away from being, um, 44. Felt a genuine sense of panic and then decided to embrace it or, at the very least, distract myself by planning what kind of birthday cake I want. Honestly, when I say it out loud, I just can't believe it. I'm not ashamed of it, but I just can't believe it. Also realizing that every single word of this song the radio stations overplayed into my 25-year-old ears in 1999 is BANG ON. Every word. Who knew? Thank God I stopped sunning my face 13 years ago and have an penchant for superfoods. SUNDAY: I woke up a few hours ago with my two cakelets (8 and 11) fast asleep beside me, and I wondered if I'll even survive when they are grown up and moved out, and I can't wake up to feel their toes with mine. Those thoughts and words seem abstract when they're babies and even toddlers, but as I watch them turn into little women, I realize that them growing up and moving out is a real thing. They do spend many nights away at their dad's, but since I know they're over there being little, their absence is somehow copacetic. It's all selfish, really, because of course when they are "gone" it will be because they are off living life and presumably loving every minute of it. A mom's life-long internal struggle? Perhaps someone out there has maternal words of wisdom for me?      

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