Sunday Scoop

We're in full on summer now, friends! Here are some of the random highlights from my past week as a mom, entrepreneur, baker and, well, who knows what else. MONDAY: Added some cute new details to Sweetapolita HQ, but when all is said and done, I think this will be what we can't live without (I got ours at HomeSense, but it is so similar! Now I need to learn to crochet), and what we might need 11 more of. TUESDAY: Getting all crazy and been using this new mixer, and so far so good. Besides its aesthetic dreaminess, she seems to really deal with the "beatings." Do any of you use this mixer? WEDNESDAY: Remembered (not sure how I forgot) how unbelievably talented this team is. And let's talk about her hair...???? THURSDAY: Added these to my cart. And then took them out. And then added them back in. FRIDAY: Started listening to this (audio book) at the recommendation of someone I trust, and couldn't turn it off. SATURDAY: Somehow found my way to this podcast episode, among others, and I felt as though they were speaking directly to me (love hearing him talk about pretty much anything--it's like a lightning bolt of reality). Felt a profound aha-moment (possibly the only Oprah reference you will ever hear me utter--not for any particular reason; it's just the way it is). Also started using this app every night, and I think something magical is happening... SUNDAY: Woke up this morning and felt that somehow, someway, I wasn't so much in my head, as I usually am, but more on this later. (I mean, guys, I'm really in my head sometimes. Anyone else feel that, at times, the only obstacle in your own life is you?) Today the stars aligned, and I felt really connected to my authentic self (ah nuts, I think I just reference Oprah again). Oh, and I baked and photographed this cake, and I'm proud to tell you that it might be the ultimate (yet incredibly simple) birthday cake. What will this week hold? Hope you have a happy and healthy week, friends!

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