Sunday Scoop

Hello, hello sweet friends! Well, it was a week! Here's what went down: MONDAY: I celebrated a birthday! The Sprinkle Squad surprised me with the cutest birthday lunch and giggles. And I couldn't celebrate without doing some kind of super mega blog giveaway! This is the BIGGEST giveaway to date, so don't miss out on entering. You can enter until tomorrow morning (Monday, July 30th at 7:59am EST), and the winner will be selected and announced at 8:00am EST tomorrow! TUESDAY: Um. WEDNESDAY: Loving this Instagram account. And this one (obvi.) THURSDAY: Actually started plotting how to someday own 1+ of these, because I almost can't bare how much intrinsic love I have for them. And, as I have been known to say: if I can't, then what was it all for? #itmightbecoldsoalpacasweater FRIDAY: Took my cakelets back to my hometown for the weekend. (But first, how did she get so big...and this one too? Does anyone remember these days here on the blog? My heart.) Going home felt even more nostalgic about it than I expected. I do go home at Christmas, but don't typically spend time throughout the city and really exploring my old turf. I felt compelled to show the girls more about my life before they came to be, and I'm so happy I did. SATURDAY: Spent the day touring around the area with the kids, showing them all the things that meant something to me as a kid. We laughed, we cried, we ran the gamut of emotion. Oh wait, that was just me. Well, we did eat these and ride these. Then we ate snacks in the hotel bed until we passed out. #hardcore #snacksquad SUNDAY: Wishing desperately I could spend a day here. But couldn't be prouder that they sprinkle our sprinkles!

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