The Year Flew by in an Instagram

So imagine this: Mrs. always-has-to-be-on-the-go, always-baking, always-productive (that'd be me) has been stuck in bed sick for almost 5 days. Yep. The bad news is that I haven't been able to bake in many days. The good news is that I've been able to spend a lot of time on my iPhone and laptop organizing my digital life and going through photos from the past year. I, like many others, have been loving the Instagram app on my iPhone, which is really a fun way to share what you do and see in your day with friends and other Instagram followers, but all through photos (with fun filters and such). Here's a snippet (and by "snippet" I mean the longest post ever) of my year in review by way of my iPhone's camera (*Warning: This post is a tad long, so if you decided to go clean your pantry, bake a cake or hand-count your sprinkles right about now, I wouldn't be offended. Pinkie swear.): I took a lot of country drives with my two cakelets, Reese and Neve. I mean a lot. Like a whole lot. Turns out that little Neve will only nap in the car (parenting gurus look away, just look away), and so, since I love country drives, off the three of us (or two, if Reese was at school) would go everyday after lunch (with the exception of a few days with grandparents). Yep. In 2011, I took over 350 country drives. That's a lotta cows.   And a lot of grass. And the occasional storm.   Oh, and one enchanting and mysterious pie-selling establishment.   I bought and read a whole lot of baking books. Actually, I added 29 baking books to my collection in 2011. Is that normal?   I baked copious amounts of cupcakes (among other things) throughout the year--double chocolate, campfire delight, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, marzipan & pear--you name it.   Oh, and double chocolate & gingerbread cupcakes--one of my favourites of the year. I would give you a how-many-cupcakes-I-baked-in-2011 total, but then I would have to do the math on how many I actually ate... And we're moving on...   Okay, that one I definitely ate. So I ate one cupcake in 2011, give or take.   I baked this cake (my current favourite), and a few other cakes while I was at it.   Well, I baked a whole bunch of cakes, come to think of it. In 2011, I used approximately 450 eggs, 200 pounds of butter and 100 pounds of sugar for the blog treats (and experimental blog treats) alone. Turns out I like to bake. A lot. I'm glad you do too, or else I'd have a hard time explaining to Mr. Sweetapolita where all of that butter goes.   But, of course I had a pretty cute baker's assistant. Or two.   And the best part was sharing most of our treats with our enthusiastic friends and family, because that's what baking is all about.   I spent many hours watching little ballerinas and princesses embody innocence and inner peace in a way only children can.   Even when they're sick.   Or hurt. There were definitely some hard times.   And some welcomed silly times. Plus a few more silly times.   And too many belly-aching-giggle times to count, but never too many to be part of.   Heck, there were even some downright kooky times, such as, you know, spotting these goats balancing on wooden planks. Or, the un-instagram'ed moment when Pee-wee Herman tweeted and facebook shared my Asparagus Cake to his million+ fans. Or the time an elephant crossed a busy street directly in the path of my car as I was driving to the grocery store (turns out it was Limba the elephant getting some cardio with her trainer from Bowmanville Zoo for a winter show). 2011, you kept me on my toes.   In unrelated news, I also attempted to take an acceptable token iPhone self-portrait in the mirror, however I would never actually look into the camera.   Okay, I got a bit better at it as the year went on. Luckily that was the day I had makeup on and my hair done. Vain much?   There were many random catch-a-cute-kid-in-action shots, probably more than my girls had the patience for.   But they're great sports.   Plus, I bribe them with peanut butter pie and stuff.   I bought many pretty things to bake and cake with. Some new...   Some old (and serious bargains).   And some very old.   And I always stopped to admire a few lovely baked goods along the way.   I took several drives to the peaceful farm in Prince Edward County (Ontario), to visit my in-laws, you know, to escape the hustle-and-bustle of our 4,000 people-filled town.   Where I happily photographed this Mad(ish) Tea Party and enjoyed the sounds of, well, silence.   Grant and I both had a busy work year, but we made sure to make as many cottage trips as we could with the kids, to take a break from chiropracting and baking.   Where, naturally, I baked more cake...   And soaked 3,600 Krispy Kreme calories in one bowl for the life-altering purpose of this bread pudding.   The year was also filled with many a cookie. Some simple, some fancy.   And a few cakelet-inspired ones along the way.   There were many brownies, chocolate-dipped and not, and there were sprinkles.   A lifetime of sprinkles.   There were many wedding cake projects on the go, big and small.   There was even a reason to make more fondant asparagus. Like you can ever have too many fondant asparagus.   Little 4-year-old Reese unleashed her inner artist, and managed to make one unnamed mommy teary, with her spirited and inspiring painting of these cakes.   I think I hit my yearly glitter quota ('cuz we all have one, you know) when I created a few sparkly cakes for Wedding Bells.   But there's always room for a little more sparkle, especially in the festive winter months.   Finally, we ended the year with a POP! So that was my year (with a few more details in between). Bye bye, 2011--you were good to us. Oh, and if you're an Instagram lover like me, or if you just like cute-as-pie treats, check out these genius Instagrahams crackers from Bakerella.

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