Twinkle Sprinkle Collection + $150 Sprinkle Giveaway!

twinklepack581f Hello, friends! I've been swept up in a sprinkle storm, and it's been really one of the most exciting and enlightening experiences, if you can believe it. I knew sprinkles made people happy, which is main reason I started this sprinkle shop, but I've come to realize that sprinkles really are a global sensation. I've connected with many wonderful sprinkle-loving souls as a result, and it means so much to me. As I chatted about in this recent post, I have been creating sprinkle medleys galore and selling them in my etsy shop, Sweetapolita's Sprinkle Shop, and shipping them worldwide. The response has been amazing, and this encourages and inspires me to keep on a mixin'! In June, I started with a collection of 10 medleys in 2 different sizes, and now I offer almost 30 medleys in everything from 8oz bottles to bulk bags, including a new collection of what I call Twinkle Sprinkle Medleys--medleys filled with golds, silvers, sparkles, rock candy, stars and more, and I add new ones often. It turns out I can't stop sprinkling . . . finalmedleypack581 Last week I added these cute-as-pie 4oz bottle variety packs, which is a great way to try out 6 different sprinkle variations or perfect for gifting, of course. :) You can find them in either all Twinkle Sprinkle Medleys, Sprinkle Medleys (above), a Mixed Batch of both types plus classic Canadian sprinkles, or all Classic Sprinkles. We will all be sprinkling ourselves silly at this rate. sunset16581 Here's a close-up of one of my recent Twinkle Sprinkle Medleys called Sunset. This mix was a literal sprinkle interpretation of a gorgeous summer sunset in my very own backyard--it's incredible how when you start thinking in sprinkles, everything around you starts to call out, "I'd make an amazing sprinkle medley!" sunsetside581 Here's a better look at all of this gold, orange, pink, purple and lavender in its glory. It's filled with jimmies, shimmering candy beads, candy pearls, gold stars, coloured stars, quins, dragées and nonpareils. It's truly a sunset come to sprinkle life, and it's one of my favourites in the entire collection. rockstar16581 This one is called Rockstar, and oh my gosh it's a Whole Lotta Rosie ;) My inner rockstar/popstar wishes came pouring out in sprinkle form with this one. This is for everything from popstar birthday parties to rockstar weddings, and everything in between. I created it as you see with the pink as the feature colour, but I've since added variations to this medley, offering purple, lime green, white, red and yellow, which would each offer such a different (but equally awesome) vibe. rockstarsidef581 Look at those silver rods! Oh my gosh. Help. So this one also has the jimmies, shimmery beads, pearls, dragées, edible stars and nonpareils, but I've tossed in some black rock candy and silver star candy, which literally earns the title Rockstar. I can't wait for you guys to see this one in person--it's even sparklier and more intense! This one is limited, and I will only have it in my shop for a short time, so if you love it, get it while you can. secretadmirer581 This one is called Secret Admirer, and it comes straight from my not-so-secret love for pink & red together. With the sparkly gold and shimmery pink beads in there, it really has such a luxe feel. I can see this adorning so many desserts--red velvet cake/cake pops/cupcakes, cookies and so much more, truly. secretadmirerside581 Be still my heart of hearts. I love those jumbo heart confetti sprinkles so much, and they really make this one special, I think. You can also find mini pink hearts, pink star quins, gold stars, tons of gold dragées and so much more in this one. Lovee love love. galaxy16581 Galaxy! This one was so much fun to create, because I had such a clear picture of it in my head. These colours are so enchanting together--mysterious and dark, yet vibrant and pretty. sidegalaxy581 Galaxy also features black rock candy, but also has tons of silver beads, bits and balls. The shades of blue and purple bring it to life, and the black bits anchor the whole black sky outer space feel, don't you think? gildedpinkbottle581 I call this one Party Dress, for obvious reasons--pink and gold say party party to me in the girliest way. Makes me want to drink girly cocktails and dress up to the nines. You know? Think of it as the sophisticated cousin of the girly Barbies & Bubblegum Sprinkle Medley :) gildedpinkabove581 Those gold stars and bits are everything, and the pink on pink (on pink) is so much prettiness in one place. Princess party anyone? stilettos8581 Stilettos and Sparkles! I think this one has everything from Valentine's Day to holiday sparkle going for it. And likely a lot of festivities in between. Red and gold have to be one of the most luxe color combinations, and gold stars aplenty don't hurt either. stilettossparkleabove581 This would make an incredible New Year's Eve medley too--it just shouts fancy party to me. You wouldn't even need to bake anything particularly over-the-top, but rather take simple treats and sprinklefy them with these for instant glam. That's kind of the best part about sprinkles--they do all the work to bring the magic, which can save so, so much time when needed. icy8581 Finally, Icy Dreams--a medley made for my cakelets and the rest of the Frozen-loving universe, although it's certainly not limited to Frozeny themes. It's super icy and sparkly with its silver bits and cool tones of blue, shimmery white, white rock candy bits and more. icyabove581 What sprinkle dreams are made of, really. :) So, my friends! To properly celebrate my sprinkle journey, I am giving away $150 Gift Card to spend on anything in Sweetapolita's Sprinkle Shop, where you'll find all of these Twinkle Sprinkle Medleys, but also oodles of my colourful Sprinkle Medleys and Classic Sprinkles too! Wishing you so much luck! Giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.

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